Be Careful Of Electronic Hacking This Holiday Season

With the holiday season coming up, you may want to be careful where you use your debit cards. FOX 29 in Philadelphia is reporting that a case of electronic hacking may have been spotted.

FOX 13 News

A FOX 29 viewer took the picture you see above and sent it to the station. They took it to local police for more answers.

Police aren’t sure what’s going on: whether it’s a silly game or an attempt to hack into people’s bank accounts, but it’s better to be sure.

The hack may use smartphones to obtain your personal information through, near field communication (NFC). Most phones now adays have this ability and it can backfire.

“I actually just recently had my credit card compromised,” Tracy DiBonaventura told FOX 29.

FOX 29 says the viewer who took the picture and sent it in doesn’t want to be identified but says the SUV took off after security approached the suspect.