California Hospital Caring For Severely Overweight Cat, Biggie

The owner of a 37-pound cat, named Biggie, brought him to the Riverside Cat Hospital to help his constipation and hopefully reduce his size.

According to NBC4 Los Angeles, citing hospital officials, Biggie is in extreme pain from severe constipation that may require surgery.

“He’s a little stressed, but he’s a very gentle, nice kitty,” Dr. Nichole Agarwal told NBC4 on Monday.

After initial tests were run, the vet said Biggie would need special care, but the owner could not afford it and the hospital had to adopt him.

“This is the heaviest cat I have seen by far in my 10-year veterinary career,” Agarwal said.

The hospital is going to place him on a weight reduction program to help prevent diabetes and urinary tract infections that affect cats with severe obesity.

The program will contain a diet of canned food that’s high in protein and low in carbs. The goal is for Biggie to lose 1-2 percent of his body weight per week.

If you would like to track Biggie’s progress, the hospital is recording his venture on their Facebook page. Vets say it will take a year to get him to a healthy weight, of which is 8-10 pounds.

Doctors will give him paid meds and enemas in hopes to remove his stool trough.