Calgary Man Flies Balloon Chair

Daniel Boria of Calgary, Alberta wanted a stunt to promote his cleaning product business.

So he spent $12,000 on helium, filled dozens of balloons, strapped them to a lawn chair and floated past the famous Calgary Stampede — Alberta’s rodeo event — with nothing to steer him but the wind. He launched his stunt at 7:30 pm local Alberta time on Sunday.

“He put over 100 helium balloons … and attached them to some sort of chair and began floating through the air. He got so high that he was at cloud level,” Acting Insp. for District 1 Kyle Grant told the Calgary Herald.

Boria eventually decided to vacate his homemade contraption and parachuted to the ground landing in “green space”.

“The fact he landed near the Stampede was more of a happy accident for him. He had no idea where he was going to end up,” Grant said. “He had stated to our officers he was worried about the height he was getting at and decided to jump.”

Boria will face mischief charges along with anyone who helped him activate his plan.