Boston Terror Shooting: The Latest

We’re learning more about why the FBI was so concerned about a terror suspect shot and killed in Boston when he waved a knife at police. Since late last month, court records say Usaama Rahim had been planning what the FBI called a violent attack against an unnamed individual outside of Massachusetts and talked with a relative, David Wright, about things the FBI took to mean beheading.

Two hours before Rahim’s fatal encounter with police on Tuesday, court records said he told Wright he had changed his plans and wanted to “go after the boys in blue.” Fearing an attack on police, the FBI tried to question Rahim. He pulled a knife and was shot dead. Wright was charged with obstructing the investigation. Rahim’s original plan was to come to New York and find Pamela Geller, organizer of the Muhamed drawing contest.

It is unclear how far along this alleged plan was, whether he even knew how to find Geller or what precisely he wanted to do. Also worth noting today’s complaint makes clear that while the FBI believes Rahim and Wright used coded language to reference ISIS-style beheadings it’s not clear he intended to behead a police officer or merely stab them with the knives he purchased.

ABC’s Aaron Katersky joined us with the latest.