Boston Marathon Bomber Says Sorry, Gets Death


BOSTON (AP) _ Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev says that he’s sorry for the irreparable harm he’s caused and that he prays for the victims.

Tsarnaev addressed the court for the first time Wednesday at his sentencing hearing.

He gave a five-minute speech with a Russian accent, peppered with religious references and praise of Allah.

The 21-year-old paused several times, looking as if he was trying to remain composed.

He stood and faced the judge while speaking, but spoke of the victims.

He says he listened to everyone who spoke on the witness stand and he noted the strength, patience and dignity of the survivors.

boston marathon bombing


He also said he’s sorry for the lives he’s taken.

During his trial, a Roman Catholic nun who visited him said he expressed sympathy for the victims, but he has never said so publicly.