Body Found in Trash Can Identified

The body of a man found in a taped-up garbage can outside a Brandon home has been identified as the brother of a man who committed suicide there earlier this month.

The victim, Benna Rogers, 33, was identified by using fingerprint records. Benna had been missing for the last few months.

Officials are still investigating the cause of death.

The two brothers had lived at the home with their father, Benjamin Franklin Rogers, who died in 2010. Their mother, Debbie Cook, hadn’t lived there since they were teens.

Officials records from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement show extensive criminal pasts for each brother — including vehicle theft, dealing in stolen property and heroin possession convictions for Micah, and grand theft, dealing in stolen property and possession of drug paraphernalia convictions for Benna.  However, the brothers had not had any arrests since 2007.

Micah, who committed suicide on Valentine’s Day, told neighbors he was selling the home. The closing was scheduled just three days after his suicide.

The weekend before he killed himself, Micah told a neighbor, he was going to Atlanta to pick up Benna, and then the pair were headed to North Carolina to start over.

Sheriff’s spokesman, Larry McKinnon, said Micah left a suicide note but it did not reveal anything about a body in the back yard.

Orginal story:

Deputies say family members found a body outside the home of a man who committed suicide last week on Valentine’s Day.

Sheriff’s investigators confirm human remains have been found sealed inside a trash can behind the home that was owned by 31-year-old “Bucky” Rogers in Brandon.

Deputies say they found Rogers dead inside the house on Larry Circle South February 14 after he apparently wheeled a motor scooter into his room and started breathing in the fumes.

And now, deputies are looking into whether or now the body in the trash can could be Bucky’s brother, 33-year-old Benny Rogers, hasn’t been seen for months.

Neighborhood residents say both brothers were known for their troubles with the law. Sheriff’s office records show arrests on drug charges, grand theft, and dealing in stolen property.

A day before his suicide, Bucky Rogers posted on his Facebook page he was ready to leave Florida behind.

Sheriff’s investigators say they have not yet identified the remains found in the trash can. They also don’t know how the person died, if they were murdered, or if they died of natural causes.