Benjamin Netanyahu Tries To Make Peace With White House

Perhaps realizing that he may have gone a tad too far in his last-minute campaign rhetoric, essentially snapping the final strand of any relationship with the Obama White House, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tried to walk back his comments regarding his pledge that Palestine would never be a state under his leadership.

The White House isn’t buying it. In fact, they additionally took issue with his comments that Arab citizens were voting in droves, what many considered an unpleasant attempt to get his hardliner support to the polls. President Obama told Netanyahu Thursday night that given his statements, the U.S. would need to re-assess its options.

Whether that means allowing the United Nations to get involved through resolution, which the U.S. has previously blocked, remains to be seen. It’s not much warm and fuzzier on Capitol Hill, where even a bill against human trafficking has run into a wall over an abortion funding restriction. The stalemate will further delay the confirmation of Loretta Lynch as Attorney General till at least April.

ABC’s Mary Bruce joined Your Wake Up Call Friday morning to discuss.

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