Autopsy: Janiya Starved, Suffocated Or Drowned


Court documents just released paint a grim and shocking picture of life for 11 year old Janiya Thomas before her body was found in a freezer.

The autopsy isn’t clear how the girl died—saying she either drowned, or starved, or suffocated.

It also says Janiya’s body weighed just 44 pounds.

She also had a severely broken leg and marks on her wrists and ankles that imply she had been tied up.

Janiya’s siblings tell investigators she was locked in a bathroom and that her mother would dunk her head in the toilet—angered by her young daughter’s incontinence.

After Janiya died, her mother put her body in a freezer which she then convinced a relative to take the freezer.

That relative found Janiya’s body.keishanna

Charged with the first degree murder of the girl is her mother,  Keishanna Thomas. (seen above)

Florida child protection knew about abuse of five children at the hands of Keishanna Thomas, but never made any serious effort to remove the kids.

DCF took a year to discover Janiya was missing.