Aussie Man Jumps Onto Whale Carcass In Shark Infested Water

A 26-year-old Aussie man is being described as an “idiot” by his mother after he jumped off a boat and climbed onto a whale carcass as three sharks were circling the beast. This video, captured by a Seven News helicopter, shows Harrison Williams, from Perth, jumping in the midst of the terrifying act.

“It was a stupid act, didn’t mean to disrespect anyone. Mum thinks I’m an idiot, dad’s not too proud, either,” he told Seven News.

Williams, an extreme sports fan, and a few friends drove out to the body floating between Rottnest Island and Fremantle when they spotted the animal.

“At first I couldn’t get a grip and I ended up using my chin to drag myself up,” Williams told Seven News. “I was out on a boat with the boys and one of them said it would be pretty funny if I surfed a whale, so I just did.”

According to Surf Life Saving Western Australia, there were two tiger sharks and a 5 meter (16-foot) great white in the water where Williams jumped overboard.