Audio: Sneak Peak At Home By Frank Lloyd Wright In Lakeland

Grayson Kamm from Channel 10 News is Live in Lakeland and gave AM 820 News an exclusive interview about what this home means to tourism and the local economy:


For the first time in 50 years a home by Frank Lloyd Wright has been built, it was built in Lakeland and opens to the public on Friday. AM 820 News had a sneak peak this morning.

People from around the world come to Lakeland to see Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture and there are more than a dozen of his designs in the Florida Southern College. Tourists now have another reason to visit.

The plans for this home were tucked away for years until recently. The home will do a lot for tourism and economy in the area. You may remember when Legoland was built in Polk County there was promised for Polk County to be more than a day drive from Orlando. It promised to make Polk a destination and bring in more Jobs. This is one way the county will boost tourism.

Source: Channel 10