Attorney’s new website gives insight about SSI, SSD

Amy Bellhorn understands what it is like to endure challenges created by accidents and health issues, overcome obstacles and achieve dreams. Her story, and her passion as a voice for the injured and disabled, is illustrated in her new website at

Bellhorn participated in competitive equestrian events and envisioned riding in the Olympics. At 15, though, she was involved in a serious accident wherein she shattered six bones in her left ankle.  In the hospital, the usually vibrant teenager was told she may never walk again, let alone ride horses.

After the accident, Bellhorn endured reconstructive ankle surgeries, yet she learned how to walk again in two years with severe pain.  However, during that time she felt a transition and a strength growing within her.  She now knew and understood exactly what it feels like to be treated by others differently and not have her voice heard, because of an injury.  She then decided to become an attorney as a voice for the injured and the disabled.

During the recovery process, she felt a passion and desire to help others as an attorney and treat them with respect, dignity and sincerity.  After law school and working at several law firms, she founded her own law firm, Law Offices of Amy G. Bellhorn, PLLC, in 2006 based on these qualities.

Bellhorn’s new website designed by Think Tank, Inc. brings the information to the viewer in different formats such as videos, sound bytes, written content that can have different font sizes chosen with calming background colors and music to assist and accommodate those with pain, fatigue, concentration and memory issues and other limitations possibly associated with their health conditions.  The in-depth videos explain the following:  what can be expected at a Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) hearing before an Administrative Law Judge, what to do to prepare for the hearing, and what to do the day of the hearing.  The sound bytes explain the differences between SSD and SSI and how to apply for them and Child’s SSI.  It also includes a frequently asked questions section and a medical, legal and non-medical resource guide for the Tampa Bay area and beyond.

Most Americans are familiar with Social Security, at least the fact that they carry a Social Security card and see a portion of their paycheck distributed to the program. Yet many people are not fully aware of what benefits are available to them if they are disabled and unable to work, or how to apply for benefits if they become disabled.  Also, if a child has a severe health condition then they may be eligible for Child’s SSI.   Bellhorn’s website explains everything in easy to understand terms, and it also includes a detailed form for potential new client’s to fill out 24/7 for a free consultation.

In addition to SSD/SSI, Bellhorn represents clients in a variety of areas of law including Auto Accidents, Traffic Tickets & DUI, Criminal Defense, Real Estate, Immigration, and Wills & Trusts.  She provides a free consultation on all areas of law.

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