Armored Vehicle Drops Cash On Highway, Drivers Pick It Up


Drivers traveling north on I-270 Friday morning were lucky enough to have money fall right into their lap during their commute.

An armored transport vehicle in Frederick, Maryland had a malfunctioning door lock which caused a money bag to fall out of the truck and onto the highway near Route 80, according to wusa9.

At 8:00 am, the GardaWorld Security company armored truck was driving when the back door flung open and cash was spread throughout the highway. Police say the driver of the truck pulled over to the side of the highway, but at that point there were many vehicles already pulled aside and the drivers were picking up the fallen money.

After a fire department official stopped at the scene and activated his lights, he scared off the people picking up the money and they drove away.

Maryland State Police retrieved nearly $200 from the scene with the help of their fellow K-9 unit. The total amount of money lost is still unknown and Garda officials are still investigating.

The police department stated that the drivers who picked up the money are not allowed to keep it, and they should return the money Frederick Barrack of the Maryland State Police. They also said that people who do not return the money could face criminal theft charges.