Angelina Jolie Wants To Make Genetic Testing More Accessible

Angelina Jolie was able to get tested for the BRCA gene mutation, and when she discovered she had it—and thus carried a very high risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer—she made an informed, proactive decision to preventively undergo a double mastectomy. But not everyone has access to health care and the chance to have this potentially lifesaving testing.

On Monday on Good Morning America, Brad Pitt said his longtime love is back to “business as usual,” adding that “her focus now is just to make sure all people have access to the [genetic] testing and know what they can do about it.”

“We were really surprised and moved how many other people were dealing with the same issue,” the World War Z star said. “Her idea was that someone could learn from her story—she would love to share that. It’s just been a beautiful thing to watch.”

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