Alleged Key West Bomber Just Left Airport Job

The South Florida man charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction just left his job at the Key West airport.

At his American Eagle Airlines job, officials say 23 year old Harlem Suarez had access to baggage areas and airplanes.

A former co-worker said he reported a conversation with Suarez where Suarez asked how to get a gun on board a plane.

No substantive action was apparently taken, but Suarez left the job this March.

The FBI made undercover contact with Suarez after he expressed sympathy for ISIS and talked about building a bomb that could fit into a backpack and be remotely detonated as it sat on a crowded Key West beach.

Suarez was arrested when he accepted what turned out to be an inert bomb from undercover FBI agents.

The lawyer for the legal permanent resident from Cuba says he client is “no terrorist.”