Airline Makes Passangers Pay for Carry-on Bags

There’s a new fee that passengers will have to pay when they fly discount airline Allegiant Air.

The airline says it will implement a new $35 fee for carry-on bags that are put in overhead bins.

Allegiant flies out of the St. Petersburg-Clearwater Internatinal Airport and it is about 90 percent of the traffic in and out.

Passengers are still able to bring one carry-on item for free, as long as it will fit under the seat in front of them, including purses or briefcases.

That $35 fee is applied per bag at the airport. If guests pay online ahead of time, they can get a discount, though the airline has not yet said what that is.

Allegiant is a discount airline that flies to small airports across the country. It charges low basic fares, and then a variety of fees for services.

Allegiant is the second airline to charge for carry-on bags. Spirit Airlines began charging for carry-ons two years ago.