Aggressive Squirrels Driving Citizens Nuts

Squirrel_2013TAMPA — To a passer-by, Anderson Park, with its green grass and canopy of oaks, looks like a slice of Americana, a scene reminiscent of a Norman Rockwell painting.

To those who frequent this green space in the Hyde Park area, though, it can more closely resemble an Alfred Hitchcock thriller — with squirrels instead of birds.

Some parkgoers, it seems, have ignored the city sign asking them not to feed the squirrels.

The result: The furry tree rodents are jumping at children who carry food, invading strollers and diaper bags, and generally annoying the many families who come here for the fountain, playground and tennis courts.

Peter Mundorff, a parent and park regular, said he has even seen squirrels attack and scratch adults, including a man who was unloading speaker equipment from his car and a teacher in the preschool program at the park’s Kate Jackson Community Center.

Source: The Tampa Tribune