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Here are the facts:

  • 80% Male
  • 18-45 demo
  • 100,000+ monthly unique visitors
  • 295,000+ monthly pageviews
  • 74% are college educated
  • Average household income $60,000
  • 15% of Genesis Communication Brands traffic has a HHI of $100,000+


Audience Profile
Whether young or young-at-heart, our viewership is loyal, purchase-ready and influential amongst its peers. We call our core viewers enthusiasts. compared to their peers, they watch more , go to more events, purchase more, and are more likely to do all of it online.

The mobile BOOM!

  • 38% of the traffic on Genesis Communication Brands is from a mobile device.
  • 49% use an iPhone
  • 17% use an iPad


How much time do your viewers spend on Genesis Communication Brands?

  • 10-minutes in the U.S.
  • 24-minutes in the State of Florida.
  • 43-minutes in Orlando.
  • 37-minutes in St. Petersburg.
  • 14-minutes in Tampa.


At the region, league or site level, we offer:
Sponsored posts and sponsored content
Interactive opportunities – polls, trivia, integrated brand messaging
Sustained and consistent branding

For CPM ad units and premium branding:
High impact branding (pushdowns, takeovers, roadblocks, reskins)
728×90 Leaderboards
300X250 Medium Rectangles

Please contact us at 813-281-1040 or fill out the form below and a representative will be in contact with you soon.

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