94-Year-Old Nelson Mandela Remains In Critical Condition

JOHANNESBURG — Members of Nelson Mandela’s family and tribal elders have  gathered today at his rural home town in eastern South Africa.

This, as concern grows for the 94-year-old former president and  anti-apartheid leader. He’s spent a third day in critical condition in a  hospital.

Press reports say Mandela’s family members held a meeting at  his home in the village where Mandela grew up. Those at the gathering reportedly  included Mandela’s grandsons.

As on previous days, other family members were seen visiting the hospital in  Pretoria where the Nobel Peace Prize laureate is being treated.

Today, the office of President Jacob Zuma said Mandela’s condition remained  unchanged. The president’s office had reported late Sunday that Mandela’s  condition had worsened to critical.

Well-wishers again gathered outside the hospital to leave messages of  support. One man released dozens of doves, saying they were a symbol of how  Mandela had set South Africans free.


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