90% Of Millennials Always Have Their Smartphone On Them


Millennials love their smartphone. That could be the understatement of the year. A study done by Zogby Analytics shows that millennials are addicted to their phones.

90% of them confirmed that their phone never leaves their side. The first thing that 80% of millennials do every morning is reach for their smartphone. 78% spend more than three hours texting, surfing the web, gaming, tweeting, etc.

The study surveyed 1,019 people ages 18-34 found that the feature that most millennials love about their device is the camera. Nearly 90% of those surveyed take pictures daily or weekly. And they’re not just selfies either. People could be out shopping and find an item of interest and take a picture of it. They then send it to friends to get their opinions — crowdsourcing.

They’re also depositing checks via mobile devices and getting insurance quotes by taking a picture of their driver’s license and sending it off to whomever may be able to quote them. It’s all about ease. No need to fill out the name, address, etc etc.

What millennials say about smartphones:

• 81% say it’s important for retailers to have high-quality mobile apps

• 47% access businesses via mobile at least once a day

• 58% have tried to enroll for a new service or account on mobile

• 36% have made a decision on where to spend money or switched companies based on what they let them accomplish on mobile