50K Raised For Homeless Man

homeless_man_2013BOSTON – A Good Samaritan was awarded a special citation on Monday by the Boston Police Department.

On Saturday night, Glen James approached officers saying he found a backpack outside of a TJ Maxx story in Dorchester. The bag contained $2,400 in cash, nearly $40,000 in travelers’ checks and a passport.

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There are two reasons why this story renews faith in humanity. First, the simple fact that the backpack was returned when the man could have easily pocketed some quick cash. Glen James got his reward in the form of a special citation from the Boston Police Department, but if he thought that was the end of it, he was wrong.

The second reason comes as Montgomery, Alabama native Ethan Whittington read of James’ story and decided to take action.

Whittington, who graduated from Montgomery’s St. James School in 2004, has since moved to Richmond, Virginia, though his parents remain rooted just outside Alabama’s capital city. In fact, Whittington’s mom told officials at his alma mater that she thinks her son learned some of his volunteer ethic from the community service projects he did while in school.

After reading how James found the backpack and money and then selflessly returned it, Whittington was moved to action. A friend had recently told him about a website for crowd-funding and he decided to set up an account.


Source: WCVB/CNN