2 School Districts Close As Search For Eric Frein Continues

BLOOMING GROVE, Pa. — Two school districts in northeastern Pennsylvania are closed today because of safety concerns for students and staff. This, as authorities continue their search for a man they describe as a heavily-armed survivalist with a vendetta against law enforcement.

Eric Frein (freen) is the suspect in an ambush last week that killed a state police trooper and wounded another. Police say he’s dangerous, and that he has talked about committing mass murder.

According to authorities, after he opened fire on troopers at a barracks in the Pocono Mountains Friday night, Frein evidently tried to make his escape in a Jeep Cherokee. Instead, he drove into a swamp about two miles away. The SUV was found there three days later by a man walking his dog.

That was the break police were looking for. It set off a massive manhunt by more than 200 law enforcement officials over miles of thick woods. It’s a setting where Frein is believed to feel at home.

Authorities say Frein has held anti-law-enforcement views for many years. His father, who spent 28 years in the Army, says two weapons are missing from his home, where Frein lived — an AK-47 and a rifle with a scope. He also says his son is an excellent marksman who “doesn’t miss.”