17 Wild Hogs Caught on Florida Golf Course

MELBOURNE, Fla. (AP) — Trappers say they’ve caught 17 wild hogs on a golf course in Melbourne — and there’s at least a half-dozen more to catch.

The hogs are blamed for damage to grass along a number of holes on the Suntree Country Club golf course.

Trapper James Dean tells Orlando’s WFTV that some of the hogs have razor sharp tusks. Dean says the hogs tear at the grass to get to grubworms, insects and snakes.

Dean says the animals are seeking higher and dryer ground on the golf course after rains flooded the nearby woods where they live.

Dean is using dogs to track the hogs and setting traps to catch them. Residents or golfers who see the hogs are asked to notify wildlife officials.

Source: WFTV, Associated Press