12 Jobs on the Brink: Will They Evolve or Go Extinct?

Once upon a time good employees updated their job skills and advanced to the next career level with the regularity of Mario questing for Princess Peach.

But then technology proliferated, and the well-read encyclopedia salesman, savvy VCR repairman and worldly travel agent either faded away or morphed into updated versions of their former selves.

Are you prepared for an evolving work environment or, worse, job extinction? Don’t be the Cro Magnon who creates trendy CD artwork in an MP3 world.

Check out these jobs on the brink and remember,clever and creative are transferable skills — if you’re adaptable and ready for the next big thing.

Librarian: Shelved or renewed?

Professional typist: Alt, ctrl, deleted?

Video store clerk: Don’t bother returning?

Umps and refs: Earning their stripes?

The iceman: Chipped away?

Travel agents: A few reservations

Newspaper deliverer: Tossed to the curb?

The family farm: Out to pasture?

Switchboard operator: The end of the line?

Supermarket cashier: Checked out?

Postal worker: Pump up the volume

On-air DJ: Jockeying for position

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