What Me Worry?

Brian Kemp may really find out about cancel culture.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is doing his best Alfred E. Neuman impersonation, “What Me Worry?” But Kemp is beginning to encounter backlash from the new Georgia voting law that seems to suggest that voter suppression is likely. Major League Baseball has pulled its July All-Star Game out of Cobb County. There are other sports organizations that have events in Georgia. The Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta will move ahead this week. Another golf event is in the Atlanta area in June. The Ladies Professional Golf Association has a Georgia date. That tournament probably will take place. The National Basketball Association played its annual All-Star Game in Atlanta in March. The league has 29 other franchises making it highly doubtful that Atlanta was in any line for that crown jewel game. The National Football League staged its biggest event, the Super Bowl, in Atlanta in February 2019 so it is unlikely the NFL would have returned there anytime soon. Atlanta has a WNBA franchise and an MLS franchise.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association and the Southeastern Conference do business in Georgia. The NCAA has boycotted states before because of political legislation or the lack of political legislation. The NCAA did not stage any post season events in South Carolina and North Carolina in the past because of issues such as the flying of the Confederate flag at the South Carolina’s capital grounds in Columbia and a bathroom transgender law in North Carolina. The Southeastern Conference championship football has been an Atlanta staple since 1994.The SEC could stage games at NFL games in Jacksonville, Florida, Charlotte, North Carolina, in New Orleans, in Houston or Dallas, Texas or in Nashville, The University of Georgia football team might lose players who can go to school elsewhere. Kemp complained about the cancel culture. He may get to see it first-hand.