Will The NFL Probe Into Snyder’s Washington Franchise Hurt Snyder In His Stadium Hunt?

Snyder wants a new stadium.

National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell said that the owner of the Washington franchise Daniel Snyder has been punished enough for his role in the team’s workplace problems. But the league would be happy to talk to a Congressional panel about its findings in its probe of what happened over the course of a number of years with Snyder’s business. The league will not release its findings but a number of people have lost jobs including one coach, Jon Gruden, who had nothing to do with Snyder’s business in terms of employment. Goodell claimed, “we’re very conscious of making sure we’re protecting those who came forward. That was a very high priority.” The Congressional committee wants answers but down the road there could be a significant problem. Snyder wants a new stadium and will be seeking taxpayers money from Maryland, Virginia or District of Columbia officials to get that assistance. Politicians might want some probe answers before they give Snyder money or tax breaks or property to develop. In Washington, D. C., sometimes federal money is thrown into a project.

Snyder still owns the business but allegedly has not been involved in team activities. But Snyder’s wife Tanya, the co-CEO of the franchise, is running the business. Snyder’s business was fined $10 million by the league. “I do think he’s been held accountable,” Goodell said. “More importantly, steps were put in place to make sure it doesn’t happen again.” The NFL appears as if it is hiding something and Goodell said as much in protecting people who came forward with complaints. Goodell doesn’t have to provide any answers to anyone as the Snyder investigation was an internal matter for a private business. But Snyder wants public money for a new stadium. Politicians should demand the probe’s release before giving Snyder money.

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Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder, left, and his wife Tanya Snyder. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)