Lightfoot Wants To Keep An NFL Team In Chicago

She is looking to make Soldier Field more attractive.

Has Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot sent out a signal to National Football League team owners as well as Chicago Bears ownership that Chicago wants to keep an NFL team in the city? Lightfoot wants to see a dome placed over  Soldier Field and expand the venue’s seating capacity with funding, in part, coming from Chicago taxpayers. Lightfoot has three notions for the facility. Her first proposal would be putting a dome over the stadium. The second thought would prepare the stadium for a dome while the third idea would be making the stadium better for soccer. Bears ownership seems committed to developing a large parcel of land in suburban Arlington Heights on land the ownership does not have as of yet.

“We are doing what we believe is making a compelling case for the Chicago Bears to stay in Chicago,” Lightfoot said. “They want a tier one stadium environment to maximize revenues and we agree. And we are going to keep making the case to the Bears, the NFL and the public that a revitalized Soldier Field makes the most economic sense for that storied franchise.” Lightfoot left the door open for another NFL team owner to look at whatever plans Chicago finalizes as a possible replacement team for the Bears in the stadium. When the National Football League expanded in 1993, delegations from Baltimore, Charlotte, Jacksonville, Memphis and St. Louis lobbied the league for an expansion team. Charlotte and Jacksonville got the teams. But two NFL owners were very interested in the Baltimore and St. Louis proposals. Art Modell decided a Baltimore stadium was just what he needed and moved his Cleveland Browns to Maryland in 1995. Georgia Frontiere took her Anaheim-based Los Angeles Rams to St. Louis in 1995. There are owners who are looking for new or renovated facilities who might be tempted to listen to Lightfoot if the Bears ownership leaves.

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