Jackson, Mississippi Elected Officials Want A New Stadium To Keep Deion Sanders in Town

Jackson State officials have been looking for a new stadium.

Members of the Jackson, Mississippi city council have decided the best way to keep Deion Sanders in town to coach the Jackson State football team is to build him a new stadium. That’s the easy part, let’s build a stadium, the hard part will be finalizing a stadium plan then finding funding and getting a shovel into the ground because Mississippi’s Governor Tate Reeves doesn’t like spending money and seems to not even like Jackson, the state capital. Jackson, Mississippi has clean water issues which might be more important than building a stadium. “We’ve had so much success with our coach, Deion Sanders Prime Time, and it’s just the perfect time, if we’re going to get a new stadium, to start talking and let’s try to make it a reality,” Ward 3 Councilman Kenneth Stokes said. “We’re all hoping that Coach Prime stays in the city for a long period of time, but a lot of colleges and universities are trying to get his talents. Maybe if we can show, as a state, that we are committed to him staying, and to the new stadium, maybe it would help encourage him to stay.”

Jackson State has been using the 72-year-old Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium as its home field since 1970. The structure seats around 60,500 people. Jackson State officials have explored the possibility of building a stadium on its campus. In the spring of 2013, Jackson State officials came up with a proposal to build a 50,000-seat domed facility that would include 75 luxury boxes and would have cost $200 million. The building would have been the home of the Jackson State basketball team as well and would have hosted concerts and special events. The plans included a layout for a 17,000-seat basketball area and 21,000-seats for concerts.

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