Gruden Is Suing The NFL

Gruden thinks the NFL and Goodell are ruining his reputation.

If the National Football League is trying to hide the findings of an investigation into the workplace culture of the Washington Football Team, that task may have become quite a bit harder. Jon Gruden has filed a lawsuit which alleges the league and the Commissioner, Roger Goodell, are trying to destroy his career and reputation through a malicious and orchestrated campaign. Gruden resigned as the Las Vegas Raiders coach on October 11th after someone leaked his old emails to people in the Washington organization that were filled with racist, misogynistic and homophobic comments to the New York Times. Gruden was working for ESPN at the time he penned the emails and had nothing to do with Daniel Snyder’s Washington business. If Gruden’s complaint gets to a trial there could be some rather interesting depositions that will take place and the net may be extended beyond Gruden and Goodell. Question one could be directed at Goodell. “What are you trying to hide?”

Meanwhile a Congressional committee wants to know what happened with the Snyder investigation and why a report has never been made public. Goodell said Daniel Snyder has been punished enough for his role in the team’s workplace problems. Snyder still owns the business but allegedly has not been involved in team activities. Snyder’s wife Tanya, the co-CEO of the franchise, is running the business. Snyder’s business was fined $10 million by the league. The NFL appears as if it is hiding something and Goodell said as much in protecting people who came forward with complaints. In theory, Goodell doesn’t have to provide any answers to anyone as the Snyder investigation was an internal matter for a private business. But the Jon Gruden lawsuit and a House committee probe may change the dynamic and the report on the Snyder investigation may eventually come out whether the league wants it or not.

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