Broncos Ownership Begins The Process Of Playing The Stadium Game

The stadium is only 21 years old.

Just before the National Football League’s Denver Broncos franchise was sold in August 2022, the Bowlen-family team ownership’s president made a prediction. Joe Ellis said one of the first moves that a new owner will make once he or she gets the business. Start the process to get a new stadium. “It’ll be the No. 1 decision the new owner will have to make. How are we going to proceed long-term when it comes to the stadium? There are all kinds of things that go into evaluating a new stadium. From a big picture perspective that will be issue No. 1.” Rob Walton now owns the team and that process has begun. Broncos ownership has hired Legends, a sports advisory and planning company  “to conduct an extensive market research project regarding the stadium and the gameday experience.” Legends will begin to speak to select Broncos ticket holders in focus groups, and through interviews and surveys. No doubt that the people who own luxury boxes and premium tickets will be the ones that Legends will want as part of the surveys. The people who pay the freight not those who watch Broncos  home games on TV. The Legends work will be concluded by April and then Walton will decide if the soon to be 22-year-old stadium should be renovated or needs to be replaced.

There is a new wave of public spending taking place in the NFL stadium game. Buffalo Bills ownership is slated to get a new venue. Nashville lawmakers want a new Tennessee Titans stadium. Maryland will renovate the Baltimore Ravens facility. The present Denver stadium cost about $400 million to build. The Broncos’ ownership paid 25 percent of that cost. A slight sales tax hike was used to pay the public portion of construction. The once state-of-the-art Denver stadium is now outdated.

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