Michelle Parker Still Missing

Brad Parker hasn’t slept in days.  He hasn’t eaten.  He is only concerned about one thing – his sister Michelle.

In a tearful plea, Brad addressed the media, “I love you, I will never stop looking for you, Michelle.”

For Michelle’s brother, the search never stops. “The past couple of days have been hard. I’m not sleeping, Last night was the first time I went home to my family,” Brad told 10 News.

Brad is one of hundreds of people involved in this massive effort to find his 33-year-old sister, missing now for nearly a week. The beautiful, bubbly mother of three was last seen dropping off her twins, a boy and a girl, at their father’s house last Thursday.

No one has seen or heard from her since, which the family says is highly unusual.

“She would never do that,” says her mother, Yvonne Stewart. “She was always on her iPhone.  We talked all the time.”

Yvonne believes her daughter has been kidnapped and that someone is holding her against her will.

“Please let my daughter go,” Stewart pleaded. “You made a mistake, please let her come home to us.”

Michelle’s abandoned Hummer was found on Friday. During his search efforts, Michelle’s brother shook his head as tears welled up in his eyes.

“I can’t even explain how it feels,” he said.  “It’s like a breaking heart in your chest.”

This missing persons case, which has now gone nationwide, has hundreds of tips pouring in from all over, including articles of clothing, which police say have not yet been determined to be Michelle’s.

Stewart tearfully recounted the moment she realized her daughter was missing. “Her [11-year-old] son called me, asking, ‘Where is mommy?’ What do I tell him?  How can I explain to him where his mother is?”

The well-known local bartender, who works at The Barn, and her ex-fiance, Dale Smith II, taped an episode of “The People’s Court” months ago, and when it aired Thursday, Michelle disappeared.

The couple was arguing over a $5,000 engagement ring.

She said of the relationship, “It’s been hell, it’s like poison.”

Although Smith is not a suspect, family members say Michelle took out a restraining order early on in the relationship. Michelle admitted he was violent.

“He gets mean when he drinks,” she said in court.

Orlando Police are being tight-lipped about any details, calling closely-guarded facts, “part of the investigation,” such as whether or not Smith has been given a polygraph.

Family  members say they have their suspicions.

Orlando Police Sgt. Jim Young told the media, “We still have not found her phone, which is an iPhone.”

Although her phone has not been found, relatives say they’ve learned that Michelle’s last text message was not sent from her. It consisted of one word, “Waterford,” reportedly referring to the Waterford Lakes area of Orlando where she dropped off her children the day she went missing.

Family members say the last place she was seen was at her ex-fiance’s home.

If you know where Michelle is or have any information on the case, please call 1-800-423-TIPS.