Lego Man Washes Up on Beach

Maybe he was coming to visit the newly opened LegolandFlorida.

Beachcombers onSarasota’s Siesta Key made a rather unusual find Tuesday morning, after a giant Lego Man washed ashore.

The figure reportedly stands about eight feet tall, and has “NO REAL THAN YOU ARE” written on his chest. He weighs about 100 pounds and is made of fiberglass.

Lego Man is the work of Dutch artist Ego Leonard, and similar giant Lego figures have previously washed up on beaches inGreat Britainand The Netherlands.

It’s not clear how or why Leonard’s sculpture made it to the Gulf coast ofFlorida, but it may have been done to coincide with the opening of LegolandFloridainWinter Havenearlier this month.

Legoland officials, however, are denying any involvement, telling the Sarasota Sheriff’s Office in a statement, “This activity is in no way sponsored or endorsed by The LEGO Group or Merlin Entertainments, who run LEGOLAND attractions.” But the response jokingly added, “Hope you’ve given Mr. LEGO Imposter his one phone call and an attorney!”

Sarasota SO spokeswoman Wendy Rose assures 10 News the giant is currently “in protective custody.” 

Rose says the rightful owner has 90 days to come forward and claim him.  After that, the person who reported finding him can pay a $25 fee to do so.

 10 News