Fla Democrats criticize welfare drug test law

MIAMI (AP) — Democratic lawmakers questioned state child welfare officials about potential problems with a new law requiring drug testing for welfare recipients.

During Tuesday’s House subcommittee hearing in Tallahassee, state officials said 2.7 percent of welfare recipients have tested positive for drugs. Between 1,500 and 2,000 residents have taken the test since the program began in mid-July. But 563 began the application process but did not take the tests.

Five counties currently do not have testing sites. It’s unclear whether applicants didn’t take the test because they knew they would test positive, couldn’t afford the $25-$35 fee or didn’t have access to a facility.

State officials said parents who test positive will delay their children from receiving the funds by 30-60 days while a third party fills out paperwork and is tested.

Source: Associated Press