Cuban Swimmer Nyad Eyes New Florida Swim

HAVANA (AP) — Cuban authorities said Thursday that American Diana Nyad plans to take another shot at what would be a record swim from Cuba to Florida after falling short of her goal last month.

An email from Cuban press officials invited journalists to an encounter with the famed endurance swimmer Friday at a marina in Havana.

The Los Angeles woman set out August 7th from a Havana jetty and swam 29 hours before calling it quits about halfway through the 103-mile crossing.

Nyad, who was trying to break her own 102.5-mile world record for open-water swimming without the aid of a shark cage, had roughly 53 miles to go when she pulled the plug due to excruciating shoulder pain, debilitating asthma, choppy waves and sea currents that were pushing her east of her intended course.

Source: Associated Press