Who Could Ron DeSantis Be Up Against for the Republican Nomination?

We may be getting ahead of ourselves here. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has not even confirmed he is going to be in the running for the Republican presidential nomination next year. But it must be said that everything is pointing to him making a play for the race in 2024.

There are some names that have already been thrown into the hat – and plenty more rumored to join the race in the next few months. President Biden may have a fight on his hands for the Democratic nomination, but here are some of the people that could be up against DeSantis and featuring on the markets at the best betting sites Florida has to offer if the laws change between now and then.

Donald Trump

Where else to start but with the former president who became one of the most divisive politicians in the history of this country? He has shown that he still commands a very loyal fan base – and one that can also raise a lot of money that is needed for a run at the Republican ticket.

There are questions about his personality and the way he does business. But those qualities are exactly what his supporters like about him. He would probably be DeSantis’ most dangerous opponent unless any of the criminal investigations start to become more serious.

Nikki Haley

The former South Carolina governor had previously stated that she would not run against Trump if he were to run for the Republican primary in 2024. But she seems to have changed her mind and declared her candidacy in February. She may not have the profile of Trump or DeSantis, but she will attract some interest.

Haley was a big Trump supporter when he was president. But she backed away from his tactics after the January 6 riots. It will be interesting to see if her campaign gets any traction and if her relative youth means anything to Republican voters. Her early announcement could get lost in the expected media stampede from the others.

Vivek Ramaswamy

Inspired to run by Donald Trump, Ramaswamy would be the first Hindu president of the United States. That may seem an unlikely outcome, but his entrepreneurial skills and talent have gotten him this far and he would definitely provide a dynamic new edge to the Republican Party.

The New Yorker dubbed Ramaswamy, the “CEO of Anti-Woke, Inc.” and he will be able to show his credentials in the Republican debates. He has railed against businesses pushing social awareness agendas and is hoping to unite the party. That could be his downfall as the GOP turns on itself.

Figure 2 It could be a very interesting race for the nomination

John Bolton

Now for some big names that are still to formally announce their candidacy for the Republican primaries. If the former National Security Advisor does end up running, expect the sparks to fly between him and Trump in the debates. He ended his time with Trump’s administration on very bad terms and has been banging heads with Trump ever since.

Bolton certainly has the connections in the Republican Party but isn’t really seen as an actual politician. Other candidates may want to stand back and watch Trump and Bolton go at each other and boost their own profile by looking like the more sensible option. That will only work if that is what the Republican voters want, of course.

Mike Pence

Our final possible contender for DeSantis would be an interesting addition to the primaries. Pence was, of course, Trump’s loyal VP – until he took offence at the way the then president acted during the incident at the Capitol. Now he splits the party, with some attracted to his love for the nation, over his then boss.

Pence has not always been thought of as a particularly charismatic politician and could come under some heavy attack from Trump and DeSantis in the debates. But traditional conservatives will be attracted by his ideals and values. He may not challenge DeSantis too much, but he will enjoy a strong base.