Ways in Which the Businesses in Florida are Handling the Pandemic

One need not reiterate the fact that the pandemic has stolen not only lives but also the livelihood of people across the planet. Each day brings with it new struggles and industries are shutting down operations by the hour. There is no limit to the woes of the small-scale industries. They are the worst-hit in this pandemic.

The big organizations have still managed to absorb the shock to quite an extent. They have changed their values and core dynamics and moved online to stay afloat. But the small-scale industries have had it hard, and their struggle still continues.

Several big organizations have come forward to lend support to small-scale businesses. But there is still a long way to go before these businesses can pick up their pace. Some of them might not be able to open up again due to the losses they have incurred.

FILE – In this Aug. 6, 2020, file photo, a customer leaves a Pier 1 retail store, which is going out of business, during the coronavirus pandemic in Coral Gables, Fla. The Labor Department reported unemployment numbers Thursday, Sept. 3. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky, File)

Online businesses, on the other hand, have boomed over the period. Since the world we inhabit today is a socially-distanced world, online businesses are gaining more traction. People do not want to step outside their safeties and want everything shopped from online.

However, that is not our point of concern in this article. What we aim to shed light upon in this article are the ways in which businesses in Florida are handling the pandemic.

Florida, just like every other part of the world, has been tremendously impacted by the pandemic. However, while some businesses are finding it hard to stay afloat, some are gearing up to restore their operations. Let us, therefore, without any further delay, look into the state of Florida’s businesses amidst the pandemic.

The Tourism and Hospitality Industry of the Sunshine State is the Worst-Hit:

Reports and statistics show that among all the industries in Florida, the worst-hit is the tourism and hospitality industry. Florida is home to a number of beaches and several breathtaking sites. However, with the pandemic wreaking havoc, the tourism and the hospitality industry is now in tatters.

The sunshine state has little to no visitors, and the coffers are running dry. At the beginning of the pandemic, people did not pay much attention to all that was transpiring. Most of them thought that this is a temporary phase and shall not last long. However, reality set in and people became all the more conscious.

Though the tourism and hospitality industry has been hit by the pandemic more than any other industry, it is slowly gearing up and moving towards normalcy. Most countries are no longer in the lockdown phase. Therefore, people have started moving freely, and it can be expected that in a few more months, the tourism and hospitality industry in Florida shall flourish all over again.

Businesses are Shifting Online as a Way to Stay Afloat:

As we mentioned at the beginning, most businesses have gone remote and are operating online to stay afloat. Most of the businesses in Florida have shifted their base online too. As a result of this move, some of the businesses are booming now more than ever. For instance, the online gaming industry in Florida has never seen such profits before the pandemic.

The pandemic has forced everyone to spend time inside their houses and work from home. Therefore, people have got all the time in the world. Reports and statistics have shown that people have been playing more online games in this lockdown.

There have also been reports of people playing at US poker sites and indulging in gambling for real-money. These gaming and gambling sites have risen in popularity in the lockdown. Besides the gaming and gambling sites, eCommerce sites and online stores have also seen their businesses skyrocket.

Since people are no longer interested in stepping outside, online shopping platforms have been making money by the hour. Therefore, in a nutshell, Florida’s online shopping and gaming businesses have been booming by the hour and are contributing to the recovery of its economy.

Wrapping Up the Discussion:

The world is going through some incredibly difficult and challenging times since the last year. People are waiting with bated breath for a miracle vaccine that shall put an end to this. However, it can be said that it shall still be quite long before something like that happens.

Though there might be hope, it shall be still a long time before we could get back to what we know as the normal. Speaking of Florida, the sunshine state has always braved challenges and emerged victoriously.

The pandemic might have brought the state to its knees, but it is not too hopeless. It can be seen from the discussion that the businesses are slowly opening up and finding alternative means to stay afloat.

In a few more months or so, it can be said that Florida’s economy shall recover and people shall go back to their normal!