Trends in Online Entertainment

Due to the pandemic, our online activity has increased as we’ve been forced to lead an online lifestyle. Even though the pandemic has loosened its grip on our everyday life, its influence is notable. We have worked from home; we have had to be social online and most of all we have gotten used to being entertained online. 

The social media networks

The time we spend on social media has increased worldwide. Social media dominates not only our social lives but the way we conduct business. We spend a lot of our waking hours online, and so it is crucial for almost any business to aim their communication to these platforms. Social networking and social media have a big impact on our everyday life. And during the pandemic, the need to be social while being online has increased. Arguably this is due to the amount of time spent in isolation or quarantine during the pandemic. During this time the possibility to be socially stimulated online has had a great impact and value. The possibility to Skype, Facetime, and virtually get together has probably helped a lot of people to deal with feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Watching series and films online

Watching series and movies from home is one of the most popular forms of online entertainment and it has almost completely conquered the audience of the cinema. “Netflix and chill” have become a well-known term for enjoying a night in. And Netflix is a very dominant player in the field of online streaming, but the number of streaming services is constantly on the rise and therefore the competition is fierce. In the USA the most popular program is not to be found on Netflix but on NBC – America’s Got Talent. There are plenty of different options to be entertained watching films and series and their content is constantly updated to keep up with the opponents. This type of online entertainment gives you the opportunity to relax fully and immerse yourself in a fictive universe.

Online gambling and casinos

Playing, betting, and gambling online has always been a big attraction. But it is an area that is thriving due to the pandemic. And even though there have been a lot of disputes about sports betting and online gambling in Florida, it is possible to play online casino games without breaking any laws. Anyone in the state of Florida over the age of 21 will be able to place a bet. You just need to find a licensed online casino. Online gambling can be a minefield to enter so it is important to be updated on the rules and regulations. Despite these regulations, a lot of people enjoy online gambling and betting, and it is one of the more popular forms of online entertainment. It might be because of the thrilling effect of placing a bet and the possibility of winning. It provides a different type of entertainment than the coziness of “Netflix and chill” as it can increase your heart rate and give an adrenaline rush, which is probably why it is so popular.