Tips on How to Style and Furnish Your Florida Room

Maybe you recently moved into a home that has a Florida room or you’ve lived in your casa for years and want to give this space a much-needed makeover.

According to Southern Living magazine, Florida rooms, which are also referred to as sunrooms or conservatories, gained in popularity during the 1950s and 60s, when people realized they could enjoy the many benefits of the great outdoors without actually going outside.

No matter what you call this room, you’re no doubt excited to renovate the space to make it as attractive and useful as possible.

To get started on your project, check out the following suggestions:

Keep Your Windows Bare

One way to bring in as much of that glorious sunlight as possible into your Florida room is to forego window coverings completely. This way, you can also enjoy scenic views out the windows. If you have neighbors close by, you can always purchase miniblinds that are easy to raise during the day.

Go with White Walls and Pops of Color

When choosing a new paint scheme, you can’t go wrong with white walls, along with some pops of color here and there. For instance, a turquoise couch, mint green set of overstuffed chairs, and a colorful throw rug or two could all do the trick. You can also go with white shiplap on the walls if you prefer this look, as well as light wood tables and bookcases.

Invest in Some Beachy Artwork

Whether your Florida room overlooks the ocean or another body of water, or you want to channel a nautical theme for this updated space, adding lots of beachy wall art prints will help to bring the outdoors inside. For example, the Riptide wall art print from Minted would fit right at home, as would photos of seashells, starfish, and other ocean-themed artwork.

Give the Room a Job to Do

Florida rooms offer more than relaxation while enjoying the sun and not having to deal with blowing dust or bugs. They can also be set up as a home office, online schoolroom, game room, or whatever else you and your family need. You can still embrace the outdoors inside with bamboo plants and a portable indoor fountain with its soothing sounds of falling water. But as people continue to spend more time at home and need spaces to be productive, adding a desk and chair for school or work, or a table stacked with puzzles and games, makes good sense.

Set Up Furniture with Scenery in Mind

A Florida room that faces west will be a prime spot to watch some amazing sunsets. Thus, as you move around furniture in this updated space, keep those westward-facing windows in mind and turn any couches toward the view rather than away from it. Or, if your sunroom is near the garden, place at least one chair by a window so you can look out and watch the hummingbirds and squirrels. Remember that to bring the outdoors inside requires arranging at least some of the furniture opposite from what you are used to. For instance, if the pieces are lightweight, you can always spin them around again for a family game night around the table once the sun sets.

Indoor-Outdoor Living Can Be Yours

Florida rooms may have gotten their start decades ago, but there’s no reason to tear them down or turn them into a storage shed. By appreciating their original intent — bringing the outdoors inside — and decorating accordingly with beach art prints, white walls, and bare windows, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy your renovated sunroom for years to come.