The Premier Golf League Wants To Start In 2023

Another group wants to start a new league.

It is easy to start a new league. Vince McMahon has done it twice with the XFL in 2001 and 2020. There is yet another plan to revive the XFL and another plan to revive the United States Football League. Now, there is a group called The Premier Golf League that wants to start circuit in 2023.  The goal is to have 12 four-man teams playing an 18-game schedule. Most of the action would take place in the United States. The league would not schedule any events during the four major championships and the Ryder Cup. Where the teams could be placed is unknown. In 2020, when plans for the league came to light, there was a notion of offering 12 players a piece of individual team ownerships. The goal is to get 48 players into the league from the existing golf tours. The Premiere Golf League would be open to partnerships with the Professional Golf Association and the European Tour. Something that the PGA and the other tours probably will decline. There is no reason for the established groups to go into business with an upstart with some plan to put on some golf matches.

The Premier Golf League’s mission statement promises to reinvent the golf world. “We believe that we have created the ultimate professional golf experience. The magic and drama of team golf together with the tee-to-tee race for one player to be crowned world champion.” The group claims it has $392 million to offer in prize money. If there is real money available, the players might be open to the new league. New leagues have come and gone in sports. Only one group survived, baseball’s American League, others were absorbed into existing leagues. Starting a league is easy, sustaining it is difficult.

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