The Games Must Go On Despite Japan’s COVID-19 Outbreak

The games must go on.

The International Olympic Committee does not care about anything but grabbing power and making money and those traits are clearly on display in Japan where the Switzerland based business intends to force that business, the Olympics, on the Japanese public in July. The games must go on in Japan despite COVID-19 not being well contained. The absolute arrogance of the IOC was put clearly on display as an IOC delegate, Dick Pound of Canada, said the games must go on “barring an Armageddon”. Pound explained that scientists are okay with staging the Games. “I really don’t know what the issue is other than you’ve got a well-informed, scientific group in contact with public health, which say that there’s no incremental risk going ahead with the Games to the Japanese. The people coming for the large measure will be vaccinated, will upon arrival be put in a bubble and kept in a bubble until they go back home. Organizers have now changed gears and they’re in the operational part of it. Barring Armageddon that we can’t see or anticipate, these things are a go.”

Except the scientific group has not really said what Pound thinks they said. Japan extended a state of emergency in Tokyo and other areas through at least June 20th.  A group of scientists said that “canceling the games may be the safest option,” according to a paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine. There are apparently no plans if there is a COVID-19 outbreak within the Olympic community. The US State Department has issued a “Level 4: Do Not Travel” warning, advising US citizens not to travel to the country of Japan. Some US citizens, Olympic athletes and support staff are still scheduled to head to Japan for the event that opens July 23rd. The IOC doesn’t care.

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