Schumer Says GOP Will ‘Keep Losing’ If They ‘Embrace MAGA’

Harold Hutchison 

Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer told Republicans that they will “keep losing” if they continue to “embrace MAGA” during a press conference Tuesday.

“If you embrace MAGA you’re going to keep losing, you’re going to lose more. The embrace of MAGA in 2018, 2020, and ‘22 didn’t work,” Schumer said. “We welcome you to work with us on a bipartisan basis to get things done for the American people. We’re not going to have to get everything we want. They’re not going to get everything they want. We’ll stay true to our principles, but we’re willing to compromise to get things done.”

Many Republican candidates endorsed by former President Donald Trump were defeated during midterm elections where the GOP underperformed expectations of a “red wave” nationally. Among the Trump endorsees who fell short were Senate nominees Adam Laxalt of Nevada, Blake Masters of Arizona and Mehmet Oz of Pennsylvania, while gubernatorial nominees Kari Lake of Arizona and Doug Mastriano of Pennsylvania also lost their races.

Other Republican candidates, like Govs. Mike DeWine of Ohio and Ron DeSantis of Florida, won in landslides.


“What happened last night with Kari Lake, that’s proof positive that this MAGA stuff doesn’t work. She was a great communicator, she still lost in a purple state. And that’s happened repeatedly throughout this election,” Schumer said. “To follow the ministrations of Rick Scott, the guy who said cut Medicare, the guy who said tax the middle class, would be suicidal for the Republicans. So I hope that they for the good of the country, but also for the good of themselves, because we want a party of people we can work with, will understand that.”

Some Republicans, like outgoing Gov. Larry Hogan of Maryland, blamed Trump for poor candidate selection. Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas questioned Trump Nov. 3 for not significantly dipping into his campaign war chest to aid nominees in close races.

Other Republicans directed blame at party leadership, with Cruz and Republican Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri blasting Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell over the losses, while Florida Sen. Rick Scott announced he would challenge McConnell in the upcoming leadership election.

McConnell reportedly pulled $8 million out of Arizona after Masters won the Republican primary for the Senate seat held by Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly and backed Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski over Alaska GOP-backed Kelly Tshibaka, drawing a censure from the state party.

McConnell, Cruz, Hawley and Scott did not immediately respond to requests for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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