Prosecutors Hope Third Time Is the Charm in FL Murder-for-Hire Case

It is day two of testimony in the third Dalia Dippolito murder-for-hire trial, with big witnesses on the stand for the prosecution.

A Boynton Beach police investigator was first on the stand with testimony about how officers first got wind that the 34 year old model wanted her husband killed and was willing to pay for it.

He also testified about how police videotaped Dippolito telling her lover, who police had convinced to be an informer, about how hiring someone to kill Mike Dippolito.

An undercover officer then posed as a hitman, and recorded Dippolito offering him $7 thousand to kill her husband.

Police then set up a ruse on the day the slaying was supposed to happen where they could catch on video Dalia’s reaction to news her husband was dead.

The defense claims police used the set up to try and lure the TV show COPS to include them in an episode.

Dippolito’s first trial ended with a conviction and 20 year prison sentence, but that was overturned on appeal.

Her second trial ended with a hung jury.