Pelosi Receives Communion After Her Own Diocese Denies It


Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi reportedly received communion during a Sunday mass in Georgetown after recently being denied by her own archbishop in San Francisco, Politico Playbook reported Monday.

Pelosi reportedly took Holy Communion at the 9:00 a.m. mass at the Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Georgetown, according to Politico Playbook. Archbishop of San Francisco Salvatore Cordileone denied Pelosi from receiving Holy Communion at a Friday mass in San Francisco due to the “grave evil she is perpetrating” by supporting the legalization of abortion.

The dioceses of Washington D.C. and San Francisco are under the direction of two different bishops, which allows the House Speaker to continue receiving the sacrament in cities outside of San Francisco and others imposing a ban on her participating in the practice.

The Georgetown church’s pastor, Father Kevin Gillespie, said in 2021 he would hand President Joe Biden Communion at the altar despite his pro-abortion viewpoints. Biden was denied Holy Communion in South Carolina by Father Robert E. Morey for his stance on abortion in 2019.

“Everyone is welcome,” he said. “He’s a man of faith, and I would give Communion to him like any other Catholic coming up for the Eucharist.”

“It’s really an encounter with God,” Gillespie told The Atlantic. “We most certainly encourage him to improve his intimacy with God through the Eucharist.” He called receiving communion a “sacred and intimate moment” and a “gift that enhances his faith, and it energizes his witness.”

Gillespie did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.

The Archdiocese of Washington accidentally notified the Washington Examiner via email that they will ignore any media requests on whether Archbishop of Washington Wilton Cardinal Gregory will “bring down the hammer” on the speaker. Gregory previously said the president is welcome to attend Mass in his archdiocese, the Atlantic reported.

“Just sharing for you to know what comes in,” the email said. “Email since Saturday, when I checked the comms inbox has just been a couple of random people wanting to tell the Cardinal to bring down the hammer on Pelosi. Aside from Jack Jenkins at RNS, this is the only new media inquiry. It will be ignored, too.”

WOW. Washington Archdiocese accidentally sent this email to @dcexaminer admitting that it is ignoring press inquiries about whether @WashArchbishop will “bring down the hammer on Pelosi.”

— Mary Margaret Olohan (@MaryMargOlohan) May 23, 2022

Catholic teaching states any person “conscious of grave sin” is not permitted to receive communion or celebrate Mass “without previous sacramental confession,” according to the Vatican’s code on Canon Law. As Catholics believe the Eucharist to be the body of Jesus Christ, a person of faith receiving the Eucharist does so in the “highest honor” and worships it in “the highest adoration.” (RELATED: ‘How Dare You?’: Whoopi Goldberg Rages At Archbishop Denying Nancy Pelosi Communion)

The Church teaches that “human life begins at conception” and that abortion is a “moral evil” and “gravely wrong,” according to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Pelosi has pushed for legalized abortion and has previously identified as a “devout Catholic.” In 2021, she said “poor women” need taxpayer-funded abortion as “an issue of health, as an issue of fairness.” She called former President Donald Trump’s call to ban late-term abortion “really quite a sad thing” in 2019.

“It’s really quite a sad thing when you know that we’ll be talking about something that applies to the health and life — health and ability to have other children of women,” she said, in reference to Trump. “I hope that in his family, he never has to face that crisis and apply his attitude toward it.”

Cordileone talked with Pelosi in 2021 about abstaining from Holy Communion over being a pro-abortion Catholic.