Pandemic? What, Me Worry?

There will be a Men’s College Basketball Tournament this March.

The guardians of college basketball, the school chancellors, presidents and board of trustees have decided America cannot live without the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament. There will be a tournament, all the games and practices will take place in Indianapolis, Indiana. One more thing, there will be paying customers at the various venues that are being used around the Indianapolis area. There will be a 25 percent cap of the capacity of each venue.  The barons of college basketball watched too much money fly out of the window in the spring of 2020 after the COVID-19 pandemic shut down all sports. This won’t happen again. This tournament will take place despite the fact that COVID-19 containment in the United States has not happened. All 68 teams that are selected to the event will be headquartered in Indianapolis. As far as studies, the college kids are not there necessarily to become biochemists. The college kids are there to make money for the schools and maybe, if time permits, get an education.

The NCAA could cut in line and get a COVID-19 vaccine into the arms of everyone connected to the tournament and that could help end the pandemic sometime in 2021. At this point, it appears very few connected with the tournament will be vaccinated. Should college basketball personnel get the vaccine ahead of people who really need it for essential work or underlying conditions? The answer is no. College basketball is not essential. The NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament is just entertainment and the stars of the show, the players, don’t even get paid for their talents. The NCAA had 13 areas that were to host games leading up to the final three games in Indianapolis on April 3rd and 5th. But there is television and marketing money waiting for the NCAA. The games must go on.

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