Orlando Police End Standoff Without Injuries

A disturbed former U.S. Marine is facing aggravated assault on a firefighter charges after holding police at bay with what turned out to be a fake gun at the Orlando International Airport Tuesday night.

26 year old Michael Pettigrew surrendered peacefully after three hours, but not before pointing his gun at his head and at officers.

Officers at whom Pettigrew pointed his weapon showed great restraint, opting not to fire because “passengers at this point were running in all directions making it a little chaotic,” a police report said.
Pettigrew was repeatedly told to drop his weapon, but refused, instead telling officers to “kill me.”

A crisis intervention team was called to the airport, and eventually talked Pettigrew into giving up just after 10 p.m.

Police believe Pettigrew wanted to die in a ‘suicide by cop’ scenario.

He has been booked into the Orange County Jail after undergoing a psychiatric evaluation.

The standoff forced temporary closure of the first floor of Terminal A, and closure of roads in the immediate area.

Pettigrew served in the Marines from 2009-2012.