My One Year Anniversary of No Smoking

As Stengel would have said – “Who-da-thunk-it.”

By: Tim Bryce – Columnist News Talk Florida

It’s now been one year since I smoked my last cigar.  Some of you may remember me writing about it in my column, “My Last Puff.”  Here is what I have learned along the way…

First, several people said I couldn’t quit as they knew how much I enjoyed it.  I even went on a fishing trip in North Carolina where my friends tempted me to smoke.  They said, “After all, we’re on vacation, right?”, and there is nothing like a good cigar while fishing in the wild.  Remarkably, I didn’t take the bait.

I enjoyed cigars for 45 years, particularly when I was working in the office, mowing my yard, or talking with friends.  Not surprising, there were many times this past year when I wished I could light one up, but I did not.  Interestingly, I have friends who still smoke cigars, but before lighting one up in my presence, they ask if I would mind the smell.  I lay their concerns to rest by inviting them to smoke.  After all, I still love the smell, but as for me, no.

I am also not an overbearing anti-smoking advocate as I believe it is a personal choice for a person to make.  It’s like anything where you assume risk, and you have to live with the consequences, but I certainly do not look down my nose at anyone who smokes.

I also resent the obnoxious taxes applied to smoking.  I am old enough to remember when a pack of cigarettes cost just 35 cents, and a “good” cigar was no more than a buck.  This all began to change in the 1970’s.  Today, cigarettes are about $5.50 a pack and a good cigar is about $5.00.  I find it amusing the government claims there is no inflation.  At least I’m saving money for quitting.

On a serious note, I quit because I thought the time had finally come to do so.  I didn’t take any nicotine patches, nor hypnosis or special chewing gum; I just made up my mind to quit and that was it.  People claim I have some rather strong will power.  Maybe, but it just seemed to be the right thing for me to do, and here I am one year later, smoke free.

But I still love the smell of a cigar.

Keep the Faith!

Tim Bryce is a freelance writer and management consultant located in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. As an avid writer and speaker, Tim discusses everything from business and management, to politics and morality, to systems and technology, and our ever changing world.