North Korea And South Korea Want To Host The 2032 Summer Olympics

It is a longshot at best.

The International Olympic Committee has its preferred spot for the 2032 Summer Olympics, Brisbane, Australia. But South Korean officials want a shot at getting the event. South Korea and North Korea are ready to come up with a bid to land the Games. In 2018, the leaders of North Korea and South Korea discussed putting together an Olympics bid. North Korea and South Korea had joint teams in the 2018 South Korea Winter Olympics but problems still remain as North Korea recently fired two ballistic missiles into the sea. The IOC leadership has entered into an exclusive bargaining window with the Brisbane backers which means that potential host countries such as North Korea and South Korea, Qatar, India, Indonesia, China, Germany and Hungary will have to hope that Queensland backers cannot come up with the right financial package or wait for the next opportunity in 2036. The IOC claimed in 2019 it decided to change its approach of awarding an area an Olympics by having cities bidding against one another which created too many losers.

The IOC has had problems finding cities and countries who want to put up money for the Games. Just Paris and Los Angeles wanted the 2024 Summer Olympics. The IOC decided to give Paris the 2024 event and Los Angeles the 2028 event. The IOC does not want local citizens to vote on whether taxpayers’ money should be spent on gala events such as the Summer and Winter Olympics fearing local citizens are too informed about the perils of hosting the events. Olympics referendums lost because the IOC’s events leave behind a massive amount of debt along with many buildings that are left to rot. There are numerous examples of taxpayers footing the bill for decades paying for the Olympics structures that have become ruins.

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