Nine Day Search for FL 7 Year Old Ends

Florida authorities are breathing a sigh of relief after a nine day search for a seven year old Davenport boy.
Officials say 41 year old Joseff Rhodes, the man young Donovan Carruthers has been with, called them when he saw on social media that a Missing Child Alert was up for the child.
It turns out Donovan is in Rialto California and is safe.
Police have taken the child from Rhodes and put him in that state’s children and families’ department custody.
Police were worried about Donovan’s safety when he disappeared the day his mother was found murdered in an Orlando motel room.
That concern was compounded when they figured out he was with Rhodes, a convicted felon with a history of violence.
What remains unclear is who killed Donovan’s mother, what the boy’s relationship is to Rhodes, and what his mother’s relationship was to Rhodes.
There have been reports that Rhodes was either her boyfriend or her pimp, or both.