Live Coverage: The Bucs to follow all good pirates and hit the water for a boat parade

The Super Bowl LV Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers will do what all good pirates do and that means hitting the water later today for a boat parade. We all recall it was the Lightning who just a few months ago the Lightning took their Stanley Cup victory lap on a socially distanced waters around the Tampa Bay waterways.

The Lightning route is expected to follow much the same path that took place along the Riverwalk and Hillsborough River. The start of the parade will be at Marjorie Park on Davis Islands to Rick’s on the River.

No matter the route fans are encouraged to come out and cheer the team on along the City of Tampa Riverwalk and down the full route.  But, they need to remember to do so safely and are encouraged by the City of Tampa to wear face-coverings and stay socially distant from each other. 

If you were thinking about getting on a boat and joining along, you might want to think again. The team and the city say no outside boats will be allowed to participate in the parade.