Kyiv Mayor And Former Boxing Star Vitali Klitschko Mans A Machine Gun In Defense Of Ukraine


Vitali Klitschko is ready to kill some Russians.

The former boxing superstar is currently the mayor of Kyiv, and he made it crystal clear he would take up arms to fight against the Russian invasion.

Well, he wasn’t kidding. In photos circulating social media Friday morning, the mayor of Kyiv was manning a light machine gun in defense of his country.

Check it out below

There are badasses and then there’s whatever category a former boxing superstar manning a machine gun is in.

That is a dude who isn’t playing games. He’s ready to roll against the invading forces.

In the worst of times, we often find the best in ourselves and the people around us. Russia is hellbent on dominating Ukraine, and the Ukrainians are hellbent on making them pay for every single inch in blood.

I have gained so much respect for the people of Ukraine since the war started. They are fighting like dogs to protect their homeland against an evil dictator in Moscow.

Stay strong, Ukraine! Stay strong and fight to the bitter end to repel the invaders.