KB Countertops Is Shaking Up the Kitchen Countertop Industry With A Bold New Business Model That Could Save Homeowners And Businesses Thousands

KB Countertops does things differently from other stone fabricators – importing, cutting, fabricating, and installing countertops in-house for custome

Buying a kitchen countertop, the traditional way is a surprisingly complicated process. First, customers have to approach a stone supplier that physically stocks slabs and choose one they like. Then, after selecting their stone, the supplier will inform the fabricator with the price of the slab, then the fabricator will provide the price to the customer based on specifications of the slab.

For most homeowners and businesses, this process is long, complicated, and expensive. And it takes the joy out of purchasing quality countertops. Buyers often have to organize each of the steps individually, cutting into their time and generating stress.

A New Way to Buy And Install Premium Countertops

Fortunately, at a recently rebranded KB Factory Outlet now known as KB Countertops, we offer a solution. Instead of managing each of the steps outlined above by yourself, our Tampa-based locations bring all three in-house. We have three conveniently located stores in South Tampa, North Tampa, and Largo. All you need to do is make a selection of the countertop you want, and that’s it: we take care of the rest for you.

At KB, you only pay per square foot required for your project. The price includes the price of the stone, accurate and high-tech laser templating, the latest CNC machine for cutting, digital optimization of vein matching with the most advanced software, expert fabrication, and in-house installation so there aren’t any additional costs to pay along the way.

Our new business model has the potential to radically change how the kitchen countertop market works. Rather than putting the onus on the customer to do all the work, KB Countertops is showing the industry that it is possible to offer turnkey solutions in this bespoke market. Customers really can order countertops without having to liaise with multiple parties to get the installation they want.

Our Process

Ordering from us is an utterly different experience from conventional premium countertop brands. Rather than going to a supplier who then forwards you to other vendors and contractors, we do everything for you. You just select the material you want (such as natural stone or quartz) and we take care of the rest. You don’t have to pay suppliers, fabricators, and installers separately.

Once you select the material you want, we begin the process of creating your new countertop. First, our templating technician determines the exact measurements required for your project. To do this, the technician arrives at your home or business premises and sets the laser points according to the layout of the project. To achieve the new countertop dimensions, the laser equipment records your cabinets’ dimensions to a high degree of accuracy, taking into account fiddly details, such as cut-outs for sinks and faucets, backsplashes, and overhangs. We then double-check the measurements and perform them again if there are any errors.

Once we have the measurements required, our AutoCAD engineer takes over the process to ensure all measurements were correct and nothing was missed by verifying with pictures of the jobsite. When it comes to designing a custom countertop, our AutoCAD engineers take all of the customer’s preferences into account. They carefully consider the material chosen and design the countertop so that the veins and patterns match up perfectly. This attention to detail ensures that the end result is a countertop that is not only stunning, but also uniquely tailored to the customer’s taste.

After the new countertop design is approved by the customer, the selected slab material is then sent to our in-house production department where we use the latest CNC cutting machine to cut the stone and get it ready for fabrication. The wonderful thing about our operation is that everything happens on-site. There is no need to load countertop material onto the back of a truck and ship it to a third-party location. Instead, our team simply collects it from the warehouse and moves it to the cutting area.

After that, a skilled CNC operator begins cutting your countertop to accuracy. The CNC is a fully functional self-operating machine that cuts the stone using the digital template of your new countertop design.

Then, once that’s complete, we begin fabrication. This process involves inspecting the cut slab for any flaws, scratches, fissures, or blemishes. The fabricators lay the cut pieces from the slab flat on a table to provide clear views of its veins and character. They also inspect the cut and ensure that it matches the laser measurements.

After that comes polishing, where fabricators polish the edges and surfaces of the cut pieces, to reveal a fresh, unscratched, smooth gleaming stone countertop. Polishing improves the appearance of most premium stone countertops, including granite, quartz, and marble.

We then load your countertop onto a truck and ship it to your home or business premises, ready for installation. You can tell us when you’d like the installation to take place, and we’ll get on with it. Our in-house installation team work discreetly, often installing your countertops in a matter of hours.

As you might expect, this level of service is rare in the countertop industry. While vendors might occasionally combine supplying and fabrication, or fabrication and installation, they rarely do all three. As such, customers wind up with the short straw. Getting a new kitchen countertop seems so much more difficult than it should be. Everything becomes so much more complicated when you have to work with multiple vendors.

KB, though, is changing this. We offer the best value for the price paid without any compromise on quality. Prices are inclusive of material, template, cutting, fabrication, and installation, giving you the peace of mind.

Thanks to our new business model, customers will only tolerate inconvenience if there is no alternative. But now there is.

Why Else Should Homeowners And Businesses Choose KB Countertops?

In addition to superior convenience, there are a host of other reasons to choose KB Countertops.

Complete Transparency

Part of the motivation for building our turnkey service was to provide customers with greater transparency over premium stone countertop purchases. We wanted to open ourselves up to scrutiny so that clients could see precisely how we operated. Our goal was to prevent our services from eating away at clients’ hard-earned budgets and leaving them paying more than strictly necessary.

That’s why we committed from the outset to radical transparency in everything we do. Top of our list of priorities was pricing frankness. We wanted the fees we charged per square foot to be the prices that customers paid. All individual expenses should be combined into the upfront cost.

And that’s precisely what we did. By vertically integrating our business model, we were able to bring everything in-house.

We also wanted to open up our premises to the public to show them how we work. For us, this was about building trust and celebrating the artistry that goes into the stone countertop industry.

When you arrive at our showroom, our design coordinator will take you on a tour, showing you a wide variety of natural stone and quartz slabs available at our facilities. You will view our quartz and natural stone warehouses, seeing giant slabs in their true form. You’ll then move on to our state-of-the-art production facility where all the magic happens where you’re free to peruse all the latest equipment and technology we keep on-site, including our CNC cutting and fabrication machines.

You’ll also see our laser templating machines. These let us evaluate installation areas without having to conduct time-consuming manual measurements, as described above. Templating technicians can simply point lasers at surfaces and all the data feeds back into our system.

We claim that our technology lets us measure and cut countertop designs to the highest degree of accuracy, regardless of how irregular they are. But tours of our facilities prove that this is true. You can watch our production crew in action, cutting slabs to high degrees of accuracy, right in front of your eyes. AutoCAD engineers can make the finest cuts in raw slabs without changing their structural or material properties.

Faster Delivery

KB Countertops’ new business model goes beyond transparency. It also aims to speed up the typical stone countertop buying process.

Under a traditional setup, lead times can be painfully slow. Parties don’t always coordinate effectively, and clients can wind up waiting months for their countertops to arrive. Confusion about what the customer ordered, and transportation issues wreck the experience for a lot of buyers. But with KB, it’s much faster. Our turnaround time is just two weeks.

Again, we’re able to do this because of the way we operate. Because we bring everything in-house, delays become far less likely. Once our technicians finish taking laser measurements and transmit them to our production team, the process can begin seamlessly. Our installation crew can be on your property on the same day, installing your new countertop.

The installation process takes five to seven hours. Once complete, our installation crew ensures you are happy with your new countertop and the service.

Affordable Prices

The way we work also lets us provide affordable countertops while still offering exceptional quality. Our new approach to the countertop business effectively cuts out the middleman, reducing the number of fees customers have to pay to get their new countertop installed – giving you the peace of mind.

Free Estimates Within 24 Hours

Free estimates within 24 hours are another way we are accommodating the countertop market. Just tell us your name, email, and zip code, and we will get back to you with an estimate.

Figuring out how much kitchen countertop installation is going to cost is a challenging and time-consuming exercise. Vendors have to translate the counter surface area in your kitchen into the total material required before cutting.

Even with all this complexity, we are able to provide you with answers quickly. Again, it comes down to our technology and processes.

Imported Stone

We also directly import all our stones because we want our consumers to benefit from the finest materials anywhere in the world. Source countries for our quartz and natural stones include Italy, Brazil, India, and more.

Every stone we source undergoes our rigorous quality standards and we only work with reputable partners overseas.

Financing Available

Lastly, we offer interest-free 12-month financing for customers who want to spread the cost of their new countertop installation. You can buy your countertops today and not pay any interest for up to a year, allowing you flexibility with your purchase.

Premium Countertops With A Difference

In conclusion, KB Countertops is seeking to accommodate the stone countertop market in the Tampa Bay area and give customers better service and satisfaction. Our goals include:

  • Reducing the hassle involved in ordering, customizing, and installing stone countertops
  • Ensuring that customers always have access to the highest quality materials
  • Saving customers money by bringing all our processes in-house, cutting out the middleman
  • Improving transparency by charging by the square foot and opening up our facilities to the public
  • Providing customers with multiple payment methods, including zero percent interest 12-month financing
  • Delivering and installing customized, premium stone countertops to customers in two weeks or less
  • Providing free estimates in 24 hours or less

We’re already making a difference in thousands of customers’ lives, and we can help you, too. We transform countertop installation from a logistical nightmare into a pleasant shopping experience. Once you make your desired countertop selection, we do everything else for you, whether you’re a homeowner, business, or commercial builder.